I received really disappointing feedback from Enertion recently that the S.P.A.C.E. cell battery cannot be shipped due to new shipping regulations. Thanks crappy spontaneously combustible self balancing not-realĀ hover boards.


Here is the feedback.

space cell enertion feedback


Now I need to rethink my design. Also, I now have a S.P.A.C.E. cell battery cover from the USA (multinational DIY eboard design) that is essentially a piece of Tupperware as I have no battery to put in it.

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  1. Ted Reply

    Hi Schalk,

    Great to see another South African eBoard builder. What’s the latest progress with your build? I’m just getting started–hoping to source some of the components locally which is proving tricky.


    • wiehan Reply

      At a bit of a standstill. Recently I had a chat with one of the creators of the SPACE cell battery and they were working on a more modular solution given the immensely stringent shipping regulations on Lithium batteries. Things should even get worse now considering recent events over at Samsung. I really don’t want to go the LiPo route again due to safety and hassle in charging them. So I am really looking for a bespoke solution such as the SPACE cell. If you know of something similar that can be sourced locally, please post it here! I guess I was the first South African that tried to buy the SPACE cell.

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