eboard version 1

Version 1 of my electric skateboard was completed in February 2016. Although I borrowed some ideas from other sources, ultimately my design was my own. I wanted to do a few things differently, namely:

  1. Should utilize a shortboard / traditional skateboard deck, not a longboard (which seems to be the majority of electric skateboards)
  2. “Piece-meal” / Custom design. I wanted to stay away from ready assembled kits sourced from one company. I wanted to do this the hard way.

I wanted to do as much as possible myself. Excluding the welding and specialized metalwork.

picture of eboard version 1: reverse

eboard version 1: reverse

picture of eboard version 1: side

eboard version 1: side

However, I believe due to a faulty ESC and likely due to not reading its manual beforehand, version 1 suffered a traumatic failure and went up in flames. Almost everything within the custom enclosure got badly damaged. When working with DIY eboards – I suggest having a small fire extinguisher close by for your initial testing under load. Also, if you use LIPO batteries, read up about safe charging and discharging. You should also get a safe LIPO charging/storage bag.

picture of eboard version 1 failure

eboard version 1 failure

close up view of the version 1 failure

close up view of the first failure

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